Extension based dysfunction is prominent in postures of exercises that require anteriorly tilted pelvic positions for a long period of time.

If you find it difficult to determine which category your pain falls in yet, don’t be perturbed. We will provide you with two clearing test positions or exercises made popular by the Functional Movement Systems, in a bit.

The test position that produces the most pain for you tells you the category of pain you suffer from and will be working at to recover from.

Flexion Based Intolerance Clearing Test Position

Extension Based Intolerance Clearing Test Position

If your pain test proves to be Flexion-based, avoid sitting and slouching positions over an extended period of time.

If you pain test proves to be Extension-based, avoid laying in extended spinal positions over a long period of time. This would reduce your current symptoms and fasten your recovery within weeks of avoidance.

For both pain classes, keep moving around, changing positions and giving your spinal structures a break as often as possible. This will most certainly speed up your recovery process!

Avoid Hip Hinges that Are Heavily Loaded In Front

Whatever exercise or skill that particularly aggravates your lower back pain should be avoided for a while. Whichever it is: deadlift, barbell row, good mornings, full range crunches or sit ups, back extensions, low bar back squat or leg press.

Stay off them until you have earned the skill to practice them with the management of your back pain in full operation.